Skyliner Shutdown FAQ

Skyliner is shutting down on July 15th, 2017.

If I am a Skyliner customer or user, what do I have to know?

On July 15th, 2017, Skyliner will shut down. Any web sites or services you have deployed through Skyliner will keep running and will not be affected. However, you will no longer be able to deploy new changes to your site using Skyliner. Assuming you want to keep updating your site, you’ll have to find a new way to do that. See below for some recommendations.

If you are a paying customer, we stopped charging you at the end of April, and we will not charge you in the future.

What do I have to do and when do I have to do it?

We highly recommend that, before July 15th, you set up a new way to deploy your web service and test it out. In some cases, this will involve switching over some services, such as DNS. We have some recommendations below.

If you have any configuration information you want to save from Skyliner’s interface, you must download it before July 15th, 2017. We’ve added a “Save as JSON” link to the bottom of the Settings > Environment variables page to help with this. We recommend storing the JSON document securely.

Are you taking my web site offline?

No. Any resources you currently have deployed on AWS will continue to work, since they are owned by your AWS accounts and not ours. When Skyliner shuts down, you won’t be able to use our service to deploy updates or configuration changes to your site. We strongly recommend you set up a new way to do that, and test it well, before July 15th, 2017. See below for some recommendations.

Where can I go for help?

The Skyliner team is available in our community Slack, which you can join by visiting We intend to participate there until the shutdown date, and will offer whatever help and advice we can to anyone moving services off of Skyliner.

How will Skyliner handle credentials to which it has access?

After July 15th, we will revoke all GitHub tokens we are currently storing. Also, we will destroy our access to the AWS skyliner-access IAM roles. Once we have done this, we will no longer have access to the GitHub or AWS accounts for any Skyliner user, whether you take any action or not.

How can I turn off Skyliner’s access to my GitHub and AWS accounts immediately?

On GitHub, go to Settings > Authorized OAuth Apps and click Revoke next to Skyliner’s app.

On AWS, go to My Security Credentials > Roles and choose Delete role from the Role actions menu for the skyliner-access role.

What would you recommend I use instead?

Well, good question. Obviously, we were developing Skyliner since we believed that existing options were different than what we wanted to see, so we do not have a recommendation for a nearly-identical service. We believe that some excellent options exist, though.

  • If you have no operational/DevOps background and/or want a fully-managed service: In this case, we recommend Heroku. This service has been around for a long time, has many customers, and an excellent team behind it.

  • If you want to run your own Heroku-like infrastructure on AWS, and/or want an open-source tool: We would recommend checking out Convox. This is a somewhat newer product, but the team is very sharp and they have some excellent features.

  • If you’re willing to wait for an invite: Opsolutely isn’t generally available yet, but is being built by some of our favorite people.

  • If you want to use an official AWS solution: You might check out CodeStar. This service launched very recently, and has some significant overlap with Skyliner ideas. It is free for AWS customers.

  • If you care a lot about cross-cloud portability, or have a more complex deployment and don’t mind writing infrastructure code: We recommend checking out Terraform from Hashicorp.

  • If you are Kubernetes-curious or -positive and/or have more complex needs: We don’t have a clear recommendation at this point, but the Heptio and ReactiveOps folks seem smart, get in touch with them.

Will MailChimp offer Skyliner services to its customers?

No. The Skyliner team is joining MailChimp, and we’re excited to work on projects there, but MailChimp is not acquiring the Skyliner product nor our business.

Questions? Feel free to email support or join us on Slack.